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General FAQs


We specialize in providing a modern, integrated approach to medicine that optimizes your health. You’ll receive access to a suite of preventive services along with traditional medical care that focuses on maintaining health at every stage of your life. Using evidence-based practices allows us to manage and prevent your symptoms before they even occur. With this proactive approach, we can maximize your health and lessen the need for pharmaceuticals, surgery, or invasive options. These integrative methods focus on treating the whole person by building a personalized plan to protect and preserve your health.


No, we offer affordable single services & memberships to our clients.  There are several reasons for this. First, and foremost, medical insurance companies often dictate which medical therapies will be available to you, based on which therapies the insurance company is willing to pay for. Second, since most of our therapies are not paid for by insurance, the out-of-pocket expense would come back to you anyway. By providing clients with a membership structure, we can provide excellent value for routine treatments and labwork, and the memberships can be used towards your deductible in a high-deductible plan, or in a health savings account.


Although we are primarily a preventative medicine practice, you can see us for all kinds of health care problems : coughs and colds, minor health problems, cuts and bruises, healthcare maintenance, preventive medicine, and urgent care issues. These may be addressed in a variety of therapies such as acupuncture, functional/traditional medicine, strength and conditioning, weight management, hormone therapies, or other modalities.


We believe that natural therapies are the best first-choice for health care problems. This means if we can solve your health problem with exercise, nutrition, diet modification, weight management, supplements, or other natural alternatives, this is a better choice than pharmaceuticals and/or surgery. Good health requires time and effort. Members must be educated as to good health practices. This requires the patient to spend enough time with the provider. Pharmaceuticals and surgery are useful and necessary alternatives in certain situations, but these should be regarded as last resorts when all other natural alternatives have been tried.


Yes and no. Although we do a lot of primary care and do a lot of preventive care maintenance, Dr. Roberts cannot be your primary care physician according to your insurance, as he does not participate in the insurance system. You will still need to have a primary care physician listed for your insurance carrier. It is a good idea to still establish a relationship with this position. This way if you have a catastrophic illness, or require hospitalization, this PCP can facilitate those problems.

I’ve got a complicated medical problem and no one else can help me. Can you?

We will be happy to see any client for any health problem. However, the focus of our practice is on preventive health care, and once you have an established illness that is complicated and difficult to treat, the likelihood of finding a miracle cure in our practice is small. However, we still may be able to treat complicated problems with a variety of therapies that may improve symptoms.

Membership FAQs

What if I don't want to do a membership?

We allow clients to choose whatever services they want or need, as single items.  When starting out, this can be beneficial to try different therapies to decide if they are helpful. However, most find that the membership system is far more cost-effective overall, and more conducive to achieving and maintaining your health.

What is a direct pay membership?

A direct pay membership means that the patient and the physician enter into a contract called a retainer for which the patient will receive Health Care Services according to the terms of the contract. No third-party carrier, such as insurance, is involved. This facilitates a better understanding of exactly what will be provided and what will be agreed to between patient and physician without any third party influence.

Why do you use memberships?

Several reasons. First, we want the member to feel comfortable coming in as often as they want or as needed to help solve their healthcare problems. Once the membership is paid, then they can return as often as they need. Second, the services rendered in the membership do not have to conform to insurance carrier payments. Therefore the physician can prescribed and carryout therapies that are truly in the best interest of the member, without having to worry about whether they are going to be paid for.

How much are your memberships?

Membership pricing will consists of a multi-tiered annual membership program, with the tiers being determined by the complexity of the member’s medical condition, and the services desired by the member. Tier 1 will be $125/month. Tier 2 will be $175/month. Tier 3 will be $235/month.

The Tier level for each member is determined together by the physician and the member, and depends on the level of resources needed/requested.  For example, a highly complex elderly patient may need a membership at the Tier 3 rate, but a young uncomplicated patient requesting a high number of Yoga, Massage, and Acupuncture or advanced therapies would also need a Tier 3 membership.

Membership Comparison
Tier I Membership – BHRT & Functional Medicine – $125/month / $1500/year
1)      HIPPA compliant Instant Messaging to all providers
2)      Concierge Access to providers/staff 16 hours/day – 7days/week (Response not Guaranteed)
3)      Clinical supervision of your Personalized Medical program
4)      Management of all medications/prescriptions/supplements/refills
5)      Medical/Integrated Physician visits – 6
6)      Phone / Video consults – 6
7)      Acupuncture/Movement Therapy/Medical Massage – 1/1/1
8)      Comprehensive Bloodwork Panel – 1
9)      Follow Up Bloodwork panel – 2
Tier II Membership – Mind/Body/Energy Medicine – $175/month / $2000/year

1)      All Tier I membership services PLUS:

2)      Acupuncture/Movement Therapy/Medical Massage – 24 Individual Therapy sessions

3)      Medical/Integrated Physician visits – 12 Total
4)      Comprehensive Bloodwork Panel – 2 Total

5)      Follow Up Bloodwork panel – 4 Total


Tier III Membership – Advanced Therapies – $200/month / $2400/year

1)      All Tier II membership services PLUS:

2)      Acupuncture/Movement Therapy/Medical Massage – 30 Total Individual Therapy sessions

3)      IV Nutrient Therapy – 8 sessions

4)      PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy – 1 Session (additional costs may apply)

5)      Medical/Integrated Physician visits – 12 Total
6)      Follow Up Bloodwork panel – 4 Total


All memberships are based on 12-month term from the date of 1st visit.  Memberships may be paid annually, biannually, quarterly, or monthly with automatic payments in place. Early termination of membership may incur additional costs.

Although the member may choose any membership and single services he/she wishes, Tier levels are determined JOINTLY with Dr. Roberts.  Tier levels are chosen by the number/types of therapies requested (determined by you), and the medical complexity of your current health (determined by Dr. Roberts)

All Supplements, medications, genetic testing, and testing not specified below will be an additional cost.

Can I finance my membership?

Yes. Financing options are available on a limited basis depending on your circumstances. In general, memberships can be financed quarterly or monthly instead of annually. Contact Aceso Total Healthcare for more information regarding financing.

Can I use my health savings account/HSA/FSA?

Yes! However, all HSA/FSA’s are different.  You do need to check with your specific FSA/HSA and see what their requirements are. Some HSA/FSA’s are more relaxed in what they will allow as healthcare expenses.

Will my membership include everything I need?

Your membership will cover the majority of what you need for primary and preventive health care throughout the year. It includes a defined set of labwork, physicians visits, acupuncture, yoga therapy, and massage therapy visits, and wellness coaching.  It does not include imaging studies, extensive labwork that is not initially covered, or therapies needed beyond the scope of the practice. Your membership also does not cover the price of medications and supplements.

Hormone Replacement FAQs

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Structure is everything when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. Natural, biologically identical hormones are exactly the same molecules as our own natural hormones. They are safer, with fewer side effects, and have been found to have a rejuvenated and proactive effect. Unfortunately, many of the hormones regularly prescribed are not identical to those found in the human body. As the body works to metabolize these foreign substances, it may produce toxic by-products, which can cause a wide array of side effects like bloating, mood swings, water retention and even more serious problems, such as cancer and heart disease. In light of this, patients should insist on biologically identical hormones only.

My doctor told me never to use hormones - they are bad for me.

There was a study in 2002 that showed the use of a synthetic estrogen, and a synthetic progestin, used in combination demonstrated an increase in breast cancer and heart disease.  Since then, most physicians are strongly against the use of hormones.  However, there have been hundreds of articles since 2002 that have showed that bio-identical hormones (the same exact molecule that your body makes) are safe and beneficial. Unfortunately, good press never makes the media like bad press, and since bio-identicals cannot be patented, so there has been no economic incentive to make this research known.  Thus, most of the medical community remains unaware of the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement.

All these new age therapies are just fringe medicine, aren’t they?

All the therapies that Aceso Total Healthcare performs is part of evidence-based medicine. This means that clinical trials and scientific investigation of these therapies has been proven, and accepted as safe and therapeutic. This DOES NOT mean however, that they have been approved by the FDA as standard practice.

Aren’t hormone therapies a scam? I see them in commercials?

No. Hormone therapies are a relatively new concept, and therefore there are many companies that are providing the services. Unfortunately, many of these services are not based on good science and good evidence-based medical therapies. Therefore, although hormone therapy is evidence-based and beneficial, there are providers who are providing the services that are not in the best interest of the patient.

Acupuncture FAQs

I hate needles. Do I have to do acupuncture?

Of course not. You may choose which therapies work best for you. If acupuncture is not one of these then you do not have to participate. However, many associate the needles in acupuncture with the needles in Western medicine which is incorrect. A demonstration will often change the patient’s mind about the fear associated with needles.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. This is done by inserting very fine needles at very precise acupuncture points, and manipulating them, by applying heat, alcohol, or electrical stimulation .

How does Acupuncture work?

The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy run in regular patterns through the body and over its surface. These energy channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues. An obstruction in the movement of these energy rivers is like a dam that backs up in others. The meridians can be influenced by needling the Acupuncture points; the Acupuncture needles unblock the obstructions at the dams, and reestablish the regular flow through the meridians. Acupuncture treatments can therefore help the body’s internal organs to correct imbalances in their digestion, absorption, and energy production activities, and in the circulation of their energy through the meridians.

What are the needles like? Do they hurt?

People experience Acupuncture needling differently. Most patients feel only minimal pain as the needles are inserted; some feel no pain at all. ONCE THE NEEDLES ARE IN PLACE, THERE IS NO PAIN FELT. Acupuncture needles are very thin and solid and are made from stainless steel. The point is smooth (not hollow with cutting edges like a hypodermic needle) and the risk of bruising and skin irritation is minimal. Because your doctor uses disposable needles, there is no risk of infection from the treatments.

Do I have to believe in Acupuncture for it to work?

No. This is similar to the idea that Acupuncture is a complex form of suggestibility, but this is quite wrong. Like any other type of medicine Acupuncture works on those who believe in it and those who do not. Acupuncture is used successfully on cats, dogs, horses and other animals. These animal patients do not understand or believe in the process that helps them get better. A positive attitude toward wellness may reinforce the effects of the treatment received, just as a negative attitude may hinder the effects of Acupuncture or any other treatment. A neutral attitude (“I don’t know if I really believe in this.”) will not block the treatment results.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) FAQs


Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a cutting-edge medical treatment that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years due to it’s numerous benefits.  PRP uses your own blood cells which are processed then injected back into damaged tissues stimulating your body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing. Aceso Total Health offers PRP for joint injuries, sexual wellness (“P” & “O” shot), facials, breast-lifts, and hair restoration.


A small quantity of your own blood is taken from your arm to start.  The blood is put in a centrifuge to separate the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from the red cells. While this is taking place, a local anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated to numb the area. When the area is completely numb, the PRP is injected using a tiny needle and in a way that distributes the growth factors properly.


PRP is from your own blood, so there is little to no risk when conducted by a trained medical professional. Since the cells are your own, there is no risk for an allergic or immune reaction.  Side effects or complications with PRP are extremely rare.  Down-time depends on the procedure, but most procedures have no down-time, and the patient can return to work, exercise the same or next day.


PRP signals for stem cells and other regenerative cells to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue.  Although many will see and feel improvements in a short period of time, this accelerated healing process takes place over a 4-6 week period.


Many patients will get significant results after only one treatment. Some patients will require two to three treatments to obtain optimal results and may even experience a dramatic return of function and relief within 2-3 months

Weight Management / Diet / Exercise FAQs


We believe that, like most systems in your body, that weight control and fat deposition are hormonally regulated. Thus, an individual first needs to understand the factors and hormones that regulate weight balance. Next, they need to adopt a lifestyle of diet and exercise that reflect this new understanding.


Of course! Weight management is a difficult process for most people. It takes times and significant effort to change eating and exercise habits. By reducing weight under medical supervision, many of the typical pitfalls can be avoided.


Several reasons. First, we use a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer to determine your muscle, bone, connective tissue, and body-fat composition. Also extremely important, we determine where the body fat is located. Next we educate you on a new lifestyle of diet and exercise that actually works, and has been proven in the scientific literature. Finally, we continue to support you through health coaching so that your new habits become permanent.


It has nothing to do with will. It has to do with understanding how your body works and how it is hormonally controlled. You fail because you work against your body’s natural mechanisms. If you learn to work with your body, you will succeed.


Many people confuse losing weight with losing body-fat. We don’t want to lose weight per se, we want to lose body fat. Many people on weight programs lose body fat, but retain water or gain muscle at the same time. In these cases, the weight scale doesn’t change, or worse, increases. With our state-of-the-art body-composition analyzer, you will know exactly what is going on with your body, and know that you are indeed progressing, even if the weight stays the same.

Movement Therapy / Massage / Coaching FAQs

What is Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy is used to treat a variety of health problems using yoga poses, postures, and breathing exercises to strengthen and condition the body, as well as calm and de-stress the mind. It is performed by the Movement therapist specifically trained to address health problems. It can help with musculoskeletal pain, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, stress, as well as a variety of other health problems.

What is medical massage?

Medical massage involves a massage therapist that addresses specific medical problems. It can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems, psychological problems, and others to address specific health problems.

Why do I need a health coach?

Often, in a typical Medical Practice the patient will be told that he needs to lose weight, exercise better, or do some other therapy at home, without specifically going over the process needed to accomplish this task. In our office when you need to address weight management, nutrition and diet, and other lifestyle type problems, a certified wellness coach will be assigned to you to help you on a weekly and monthly basis to actually go through the process needed in order to achieve results. This gives the patient a much higher success rate and avoids many other pitfalls such as handing out Pharmaceuticals instead of addressing the real problem.

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