How to Improve Energy Levels

How to Improve Energy Levels

Our fast-paced modern lives demand a lot from us. Endlessly shifting work, school, and family expectations, not to mention personal schedules, are enough to leave anyone feeling drained. It’s no wonder why so many people experience fatigue even after a full night’s rest. Add on a stressful and uncertain world, and you have a clear recipe for exhaustion. Luckily, learning how to improve energy levels may be easier than you think.

What Causes Low Energy Levels?

The human body is a delicately balanced system of tissues, organs, and processes. If any one of them is neglected or malnourished, it can easily contribute to systemic issues like fatigue. While fatigue is often considered a symptom of underlying conditions, it may also arise seemingly for no reason at all.

Many activities can cause low energy levels such as fasting, exercising, or traveling, and it’s rarely a cause for concern. However, chronic fatigue that persists after resting warrants a close inspection of your diet, habits, and daily routine. Minor changes can lead to major results, so start with one thing at a time, and give yourself a little grace. The following are our top recommendations for how to improve energy levels naturally.

1. Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

A proper sleep schedule is essential for overall health and wellness. It may seem simple, but deep, restful sleep affects the entire body, including its energy levels. Sadly, more than one-third of American adults don’t get the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night.

If you experience chronic fatigue, then take a close look at your sleep schedule. A consistent, healthy routine can work wonders in this regard. Consider winding down at night by meditating or reading your favorite book. Reduce screen time at least two hours before bedtime, and avoid both caffeine and late-night snacks. Also, try going to bed at the same time every night to help stabilize your circadian rhythms.

2. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is another critical part of a healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association recommends at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity each week for adults. Make time every other day to take a brisk walk, go for a jog, or ride your bike around the neighborhood. This will help support your body’s mitochondria, which can improve energy levels over time. It may also have a positive effect on sleep quality.

3. Change Your Diet

Few things affect one’s energy levels quite like their diet. If you struggle with low energy levels, then we highly recommend examining your consumption habits. A lack of key nutrients can often contribute to symptoms of fatigue.

Cut back on alcohol, tobacco, corn syrup, and products with added sugar. Trade fast food for healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and raw vegetables, and replace soda and energy drinks with unsweetened tea and filtered water. Add fiber and whole grains to your diet, and remember to eat breakfast consistently. Also, try to get the recommended daily amount of iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, magnesium, and B vitamins, or take a high-quality multivitamin supplement.

Other Contributing Factors

Countless things can cause lasting fatigue, which makes it hard to know its precise root cause. If you’re struggling with exhaustion despite sleeping well, exercising often, and maintaining a healthy diet, then other factors may be to blame. 

For instance, chronic stress is common among adults, and it’s often associated with fatigue. While naturally reducing stress may be tough at first, engaging in physical activities like martial arts, yoga, and movement therapy is a great place to start. Hormones like testosterone can also affect energy levels, and fatigue is a common symptom of hormone imbalance. If fatigue is severely impacting your quality of life, then consider the various benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy. 

Reclaim Your Energy

We believe everyone deserves a fulfilling, vigorous life. That’s why we take a functional approach to healthcare in our clinic. Every patient and every condition is unique, and our goal is to support holistic wellness through coaching, education, and natural, integrative therapies. If you’re still curious about how to improve energy levels, then we welcome you to reach out for a free consultation today. 

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