How to safely lose weight with medical weight management

What is Medical Weight Management?

The problem with most weight loss programs is that they don’t consider people as individuals. It’s well-known that each of us is predisposed to different degrees of fat, hormones, and genetic conditions. Medical weight management accounts for these individual differences and provides a clinically proven method for achieving positive results. This approach treats a patient as a whole instead of merely a collection of disparate symptoms. Oftentimes, root causes of disease can be resolved through the balance and regulation of internal healing mechanisms. 

Protected Health Information

Our Weight Loss Process

While many traditional programs are merely short-term solutions, our treatments promote long-term weight loss and health management. 


We first aim to gain an understanding of which factors currently influence one’s body weight. This requires a baseline reading of the hormones responsible for stress, appetite, and weight gain.


With a patient’s goals and baseline analysis, we customize their strategy alongside our health coach, therapists, and medical physician. We’ll determine which supplements are recommended to resolve any underlying hormone imbalances.

Reducing Stress

We offer various natural treatments ranging from acupuncture and medical massage to movement and IV therapies. These therapies work together to minimize stress, improve blood flow, and develop flexibility.

Take Weight Loss into Your Own Hands

Aceso Total Healthcare will empower you to take weight loss into their own hands through various natural and traditional therapies. Along the way, certified professionals lend a helping hand with their expert recommendations based on scientific research.