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Just. Get. Moving.

Just. Get. Moving. New Year’s resolution time can be brutal, but it really happens all year round. Why do we reflect on the things we want to do different with our lives? That statement itself already assumes that something in our lives must be “wrong”. And most of...

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Try something new. What do you have to lose?

Try something new. What do you have to lose? Ugh! Many of us have great difficulty getting out of our old, unhealthy habits. Most of us truly want to take better care of ourselves – getting active, eating better, and getting some regular exercise. We may have even...

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Illness is about Balance, Not Viruses

Illness is about Balance, Not Viruses As the weather gets colder and harsher, we often find ourselves in the cold and flu season. Some of us always seem to catch the virus that is “going around”. However, we don’t often realize that from a balance perspective, that we...

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